KeyWorx 0.9 (aka KeyWorx Classic)

KeyWorx 0.9 was a Multi-User Cross Media Synthesizer - a distributed application that allowed multiple players to generate, synthesize and process images, sounds and text within a shared realtime environment. As an instrument it allowed communities of players to dynamically control and modify all aspects of digitized media in a collaborative performance.
The premise of the KeyWorx project is to contribute to the emerging genre of telecommunications art. It is an instrument and a communications tool - a vehicle for sending and receiving commands, pushing and blocking choices, negotiating and dictating experiments, improvising and rehearsing the realization of a sensory display - a simultaneous realtime interchange with live and formatted media.

KeyWorx Realizer

KeyWorx 0.9 was the original Mac OSX application of the KeyWorx platform targeted to the media/performing artist user group. This application began development in 1998 and completed development in February, 2004. Artist/programmer participation in the project added value to the platform and increased its overall use through third party development of interfaces and Realizer plugins. Artist participation proved to be vital to the continuing innovation of the platform. Among the first-time users of KeyWorx, artists like Eric Redlinger, Sher Doruff and Isabel Jenniches took a prominent position.

KeyWorx 0.9 is no longer available

The software downloads for KeyWorx 0.9 are no longer available. For existing users of KeyWorx 0.9 there still is a KeyWorx Quick Start F.A.Q. [pdf-file] available. In addition there is a short introduction to using KeyWorx in multiuser mode.